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Unformatted text preview: 1 Reading 19-4 READING 19-4 Source: Columella (L.J.M.) On Agriculture, 3 volumes. 1941. Harvard University Press (H.B. Ash, E.S Forster, Edward Heffner, translators). Columella Vineyard Management (III. p. 253–262) III. Now, before discoursing on the planting of vines, I think it not out of place to lay down, as a sort of foundation for the coming discussion, the principle that we should have carefully weighed and investi- gated in advance whether viticulture will enrich the proprietor; for it is well-nigh purpose less as yet to give directions for planting vines, as long as the prior question is not yet af f rmatively answered—whether vines should be kept at all. And most people would be doubtful on this point, to such an extent that many would avoid and dread such an ordering of their land, and would consider it preferable to own meadows and pas- tures, or woodland for cutting; for in the matter of ground planted with trees for the support of vines 1 there has been no little dispute even among authorities, Saserna being unfavourable to this kind of land, and...
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