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2 Reading 20-1 Vinegar Vinegar is also made after this manner: You must cut these apples into gobbets, and leave them in their peeces for the space of three dayes, then afterward cast them into a barrell with suf f cient quantitie of raine water, or fountaine water, and after that stop the vessell, and so let it stand thirtie daies without touching of it. And then at the terme of those daies you shall draw out vinegar, and put into them againe as much water as you have drawne out vinegar. There is likewise made with this sort of Ap ples a kind of drinke, called of the Picardines, Piquette, and this they use in steed of Wine. Of other sorts of Apples, there is like wise drinke made, which is called Cyder, as we shall declare here after. Neat wine, Mingled wine An Apple cast into a hogshead full of Wine, if it swim, it sheweth that the Wine is neat: but and if it sinke to the bottome, it shewes that there is Water mixt with the Wine. In
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