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5 Reading 34-1 any good that the fi ber might do. In 1800 the United Kingdom consumed more than 18 pounds of sugar per head per year. As sugar then cost more than 5 times the price of energy in the form of fl our, and at least 10 times the price of energy in the form of potatoes, only the rich could afford sugar. So some people must have eaten double the average— say 36 pounds per year—which is more than 11 ounces per week. At that rate of sugar intake, few could digest high- fi ber bread. So the White Bread Myth became established for the rich by biochemistry, class warriors notwithstanding. Sugar addiction is often considered an adolescent problem to be put aside later. Yet it is usually re- placed by addiction to alcohol, which enters the bloodstream even more quickly than sugar, almost within minutes if unaccompanied by food. There is an absolute correlation between high sugar consumption and high alcohol intake outside meals.
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