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10 Reading 34-1 iards were reluctant colonists: Fewer than half a million of them emigrated to the Caribbean or to mainland America in the 1st century after Columbus, and fewer still wanted to remain there, so that the government had to use land grants to persuade some of them to settle permanently. It was the ambition of every Spaniard to make enough money to become a Don and buy an estate back home in Spain. Some of them, for example the followers of Cortes and Pizarro, did this in a very few years. Only a small number of men were involved: 600 with Cortes, 180 with Pizarro; there was enough Inca or Aztec treasure for all. But in the West Indies there was no comparable treasure. The new owners found that they either had to work themselves, a fate they had crossed the Atlantic to avoid, or fi nd someone else to work for them. However, those few indig- enous natives who had not been destroyed by the settlers were hiding, shy and frightened, in the mountains, or actually eating the Spaniards (2 landowners were eaten by Caribs in Hispaniola modern Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the 1520s).
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