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12 Reading 34-1 16. Learned Marxists are in disagreement whether or not the plantation economy was truly capitalist (cf. Sweetness and Power , Sidney W. Mintz, 1985). However, Arthur Young invented the word “capitalist” in 1790 and used it, as do most of us, in a less restricted sense than that of Marx and his followers. Coleridge, Southey, and Disraeli all used the word before 1830, at least a generation before Das Kapital . 17. The population density of Barbados was probably only exceeded, if at all, by that of parts of the Indus valley in India or the Netherlands or the Po valley in northern Italy. The landed population of little Barbados was absolutely greater than that of huge Virginia until after 1680. dangerous, and knowledge of the Western Hemisphere scanty, the pressures put upon emigrants must have been very high. Most of the emigrants from Europe were men, leading to an acute imbalance between the sexes in the colonies. Some of them must have stayed only a few years in each place before moving on, restlessly, to see if they could improve their luck in another colony; many must have ended their unrecorded lives in perhaps their 3 rd or 4 th country of settlement. The numbers are not known for certain, and thousands
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