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29 Reading 34-1 not meet the social challenge of successful primary production, which inevitably reduces employment as it cheapens output. While it had become the world’s largest ever sugar exporter, Cuba had never developed political institutions suitable for a 20th century state. Communism beckoned with its alternative solutions. Fidel Castro is the child of an ex-soldier from Galicia in Spain. His father was a tough, sometimes violent man who made himself the sugar-rich landlord of 10,000 acres. His mother was once the cook in his father’s mansion. Onto this genetic omelette Castro sprinkled a few years of study, more of revolutionary effort, and still more of government. On the way, he allowed his allies to bring us to the brink of World War III in 1962, attempted to communize Latin America in the 1960s, and tried to help the Soviet Union mobi- lize the new nations of Africa against the West in the 1970s. Cuba continues to destabilize and impoverish many areas of the world. Meanwhile, there is little evidence that Cuba has done more than substitute one sugar buyer for another. Even the tonnages, though now a state secret, seem to be about the same.
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