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3 Reading 35-1 Technological Advances Transmitted from China to the West Invention or Discovery First known date (A.D. unless stated otherwise) China Europe/America Rotary winnowing machine, with crank handle 40 B.C. Late 18th century Rotary fan for ventilation 180 1556 Blowing engines for furnaces and forges, with waterpower 31 13th century Blowing engines for furnaces and forges, crank-drive type 1310 1757 Draw loom for f gured weaves c . 100 B.C. 4th-5th century Silk-working machinery: reeling machine 1st century B.C. both c . end of the 13th century F yer; twisting and doubling 1090 waterpower applied 1310 14th century Wheelbarrow 231 c . 1200 Iron casting 2nd century B.C. 13th century Concave curved iron moldboard of plow 9th century c . 1700 Seed drill plow, with hopper 85 B.C. c . 1700 Gimbals 180 c . 1200 Shipbuilding:
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Unformatted text preview: stern-post rudder 8th century 1180 watertight compartments 5th century 1790 Rig: ef f cient sails (mat-and-batten principle) 1st century B.C. 19th century fore-and-aft rig 3rd century 9th century Gunpowder: c . 850 13th century rockets and f re lances c . 850 15th century projectile artillery c . 1200 c . 1320 explosive grenades and bombs c . 1000 16th century Magnetism: F oating magnet 1020 1190 knowledge of magnetic declination 1030 c . 1450 theory of declination discussed 1174 c . 1600 Paper: 105 1150 printing with wood or metal blocks 740 c . 1400 printing with movable type 1045 (earthenware) 1314 (wood) printing with movable metal type 1392 (Korea) c . 1440 Porcelain 3rd7th century 18th century Adapted from Needham, Science and Civilisation in China , Vol. I, table 8 (CUP)....
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