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Unformatted text preview: 5 Reading 35-1 The Portuguese regarded themselves primarily as trading merchants rather than imperialists, as did the Dutch and English in their turn. All 3 peoples tumbled into foreign possessions as an adjunct to trade, if not, as is often said of the English, in a f t of absent-mindedness. The French position was somewhere between that of Spain and that of England, with the State playing all important part, as in Spain, and more ef f ciently, but with the individual also enjoying more opportunity than in Spain. The post-Renaissance exploratory phase was rather like the Crusades in that western Europe was on the move; but instead of an immense effort which achieved very little, the oceanic efforts of western Europe changed the world. The difference arose partly because the horizons were so much wider, partly because the times had changed, and partly because Atlantic peoples and not Mediterranean ones were involved at the core; but largely because the individual, even in rigid Spain, was able to win enough wealth to buy himself...
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