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27 Reading 35-1 25. The whole question of guns, gunpowder, Europeans and Christianity is discussed at length in Noel Perrin’s Giving up the Gun . 26. Perry arrived in Japan in 1854, and signed a convention which apparently opened Yokohama to American trad- ers. He had, however, impressed the reluctant Japanese with the overwhelming nature of his naval force rather than the virtue of his economic arguments. More than 10 years elapsed before there was any appreciable trade between the Americans, who were keen, and the Japanese, who were the reverse. It was not until 1866 that the tariff duties f xed on imports were reduced from 15 to 5%. At no point since has Japanese foreign trade been permitted to diverge from what has been conceived to be the national interest. threatened the good order and discipline of feudal society, then guns and the Europeans who brought them would be abandoned to save feudalism. 25 An end to Japanese aloofness came not from Europeans, now involved in trades of all sorts in the Ori- ent, but from the American North Paci f c whaling F eet. In 1823–24, 86 American whaling ships had passed within sight of Japan’s most northerly island, Yezo. American whaling schooners were shipwrecked from
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