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April 4, 2008 Development – how ppl progress over the yrs.; how ppl change from birth til death - Human developmen t- the scientific study of the changes that occur in ppl as they age from conception until death. - Longitudinal design - research design in which 1 participant or group is studies over a long time o Benefit - can be compared from the test now to the test in 5 yrs. o Downfall - issue of time and money - Cross-sectional design- research design in which several diff age groups of participants are studied at 1 particular point o Benefit o Downfall - it’s more difficult to make comparisons across groups Temperament - behavioral characteristics that are fairly well established @ birth
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Unformatted text preview: -Easy- regular, adaptable, and happy-Difficult- irregular, non-adaptable, and irritable-Slow to warm up- need to adjust gradually to change Harry Harlow- looked @ monkeys & gave them a wire & cloth moms … proved that babies are attached to something warm & comfortable Attachment- emotional bond between an infant & the primary caregiver-Secure- willing to explore, upset when mom leaves but easily soothed upon her return.-Avoidant- unattached, explore without “touching base.”-Ambivalent- insecurely attached, upset when mom leaves & then angry w. mom upon her return....
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