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Module 4: Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent Lecture 9: Ancient Near East Cultures: Sumeria, Babylonia, Judea Lecture 10–11: Biblical and Koranic References to Agricultural Technology Quiz 4 Module 5: Agricultural Development in Asia Lectures 12–13: Agricultural Origins and Development in Asia Exam 1 Module 6: Agricultural Development in Pre-Columbian America Lectures 14-16: Horticulture of Pre-Columbian America Quiz 5 Module 7: Greek and Roman Agriculture Lecture 17: Greek Science, Technology, and Agriculture Lecture 18: Roman Agricultural History Lecture 19: Roman Agricultural Writers Quiz 6 Module 8: Medieval Agriculture in Europe Lecture 20: Medieval Horticulture Lecture 21: Renaissance Horticulture
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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 22: Islamic influences on Western Agriculture Quiz 7 Module 9: Agriculture and Medicine Lectures 23–25: Herbals: The Connection Between Horticulture and Medicine Quiz 8 Module 10: The History of Spices Lectures 26–27: Spices and History Exam 2 Module 11: Experimental Science Lecture 28: Agriculture, Technology, and the Scientific Revolution Lecture 29: Rise of Science in the 17th and 18th Century Lecture 30: Origins of Horticultural Science Quiz 9 Module 12: Agricultural Scientific Revolution Lecture 31: Agricultural Scientific Revolution: Chemical Lecture 32: Agricultural Scientific Revolution: Mechanical Lecture 33: Agricultural Scientific Revolution: Genetic Quiz 10...
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