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syllabus Horticulture 306 (dragged) 2

syllabus Horticulture 306 (dragged) 2 - Module 13...

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Module 13: Horticulture, Politics, and World Affairs Lecture 34: Horticulture, Politics, and World Affairs: Sugarcane and Plantation Agriculture Lecture 35: Horticulture, Politics, and World Affairs: Tea and Colonialism Lecture 36: Horticulture, Politics, and World Affairs: Bananas and the Banana Republics Quiz 11 Module 14: Horticulture in Literature and Art Lecture 37: Horticulture and Literature: Shakespeare Lecture 38: Esthetics of Horticulture Lecture 39: Horticultural and Botanical Illustration Lecture 40: Flowers and Fruits In Painting Lecture 41: History of Gardens: Formalism and the Western Tradition Lecture 42: History of Gardens: Naturalism and the Eastern Tradition Quiz 12 Final Exam Quizzes & Exams All quizzes and exams 1 and 2 are due by July 29 th at 5 pm . Quizzes are available to take whenever you are ready. Quizzes are open book. You can use your notes, the course website or any other materials when taking the quizzes. Your two lowest quiz grades will be dropped at the end of the semester. The Final Exam is due by
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