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Unformatted text preview: 4 voyage. He was later elected as the President of the society in 1778. He served as the president for around 41 years and did significant amount of work to raise, develop and improve the state of science in Britain. 2.4 Important Positions: He was elected to various prestigious societies for his knowledge and interest. He was elected as member of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1773 and the Dilettante Society in 1774. He served as a trustee of British Museum for 42 years. He was also appointed as Chairman for committees by the House of Commons to enquire about prevention of banknote forgery and to consider systems of weights and measure. He was also the Baronet and enquired Knight Commander of Order of the Bath in 1795. 7 Important Accomplishments: 0)30)0--0 $2%)... *03)0.31.+-1)..03!*)0.)3+0).0..00.+2!   )*50).+3!!3.0-*!.)-1!!5.+2!.$2 +3!!3.0)-1*  -% */).-03). 0) 0).!0 .+88+e founded the Royal Institute of Great Britain. He also helped the England government to plan and supervise interests of New South Wales, Australia and consulted the people who wanted to travel to Wales. Bank build his scientific base at London, which was also his residence in 1776. Among the things preserved at this base were, natural history collections and plant collections that he acquired during his voyages. This place became the epitome of knowledge and science as it promoted learning and was open to the community. Joseph made his mark upon Australian history in ...
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