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Unformatted text preview:  0   0.+,  -.+ .03!.!0430.0)0# >)     !)*!0)+1).3., !    -   . /   ( ?A@=        "   %  "  "  01    +-     ?A67@ III.CONCLUSION  Overview: Sir Joseph Banks was an energetic and possessed tremendous enthusiasm. He remained focus with his first interest and made the best out of his botanical and science career. He is ranked extremely high for his contributions, botanical discoveries and zoological investigation of Australia. He had rich knowledge of natural history and various other departments. He was an explorer, yet an informed observer. ,)+)3!!>.+ .+- ).!0>-+0)15!)3.0.0)+ ,)B.20)11..+0)11.  $!!+.++!- . 2)1* ,), 0)1+)  !)3111.0.+.!*!. )  0-)1).!0 *!.)*30) )*0-!22    =)2%     = 20!***!  "0<=.-0!2!!..  "0  Final thoughts: It was a great experience to research about such a personality of history. He was true achiever who has sincerely strived to accomplish his goals and follow his dreams. It is crucial to note his selfless attitude, motivation, courage and supporting nature. His contributions to science, botany, Australia, England and humanity as well are countless. Despite facing so many hardships, he never stopped. ...
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