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Tiwari - was one for bringing change in science and botany Learning from his experiences I think here is so much more we can do to actually'make a

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8 !" His impact: He made the world a better place. He was grateful to not just his nations but each one of us to open up the doors of science and discoveries. He has given us the extraordinary privilege of being of new developments and findings. He realized his position as a man in the community and gave them open sources about science and his collection. He was generous and caring to let open his home for scientist, travelers and anyone who wanted to learn. He promoted science and his experience selflessly and adequately. He surely affected the people positively. I believe that each of us can be the flicker to start the flame of change for the world just as Banks
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Unformatted text preview: was one, for bringing change in science and botany. Learning from his experiences, I think here is so much more we can do to actually 'make a difference' and have the courage to change. And that is what his story has strived to instill in me. Its actually hard to find the words to tell how it feels to have affected after this research. This extra ordinary personality exceeded my expectations. His unprejudiced new approach to old things is outstanding. !""#$%&’%±²* 3- ³²&%&’±%- /±& 0²$12´ 4’*5$...
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