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Tiwari Megha_Termpaper (dragged)

Tiwari Megha_Termpaper (dragged) - 2 I EARLY LIFE ...

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Unformatted text preview: 2 I. EARLY LIFE          !  " # $% &'()*+ ,)-.+/0!!01 ,)2)03!)+03.  11- )-11) 0)1.+ 4+ .)2) +.-/0!!01 .  ()*+ ,)2) +.*0503+-10!)+2).+!) 0))0).2)4+  4*+0 ,) . CHILDHOOD: He was a playful kid and enjoyed exploring. He used to spend most of his evenings at the countryside of Lincolnshire. His interests included botany, nature and history. 5. SCHOOLING: He was educated at home before he went to Harrow School. He went to Eton College with John Phipps. He suffered from small pox and became unwell, as a result of which he did not return to Eton. 6. COLLEGE: He went to Christ Church College, Oxford             University in the year 1760. He remained focus on natural studies like history rather than the required curriculum. He developed keen interest in botany and introduced botanical lectures by an Oxford botanist in 1764. 7. EARLY EXPERIENCES: Banks father died in 1761 and he took the possession of his father's fortune. At a very young age of 21, he inherited Lincolnshire and became magistrate. He successfully was able to balance between Lincolnshire and London. His friend circle consisted of all scientific men including Solander, whom he met at the British Museum. His interest in science was so high that he even visited Chelsea Physics garden. ...
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