POLSCI 150 exam 2 study guide

POLSCI 150 exam 2 study guide - Review Sheet What is the...

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Unformatted text preview: Review Sheet What is the “ideal democratic citizen?” A virtuous citizen activated by concern for the common good, who recognizes that democracy carries ob- ligations as well as rights. A citizen should be attentive to and informed about politics, exhibit political tolerance and a willingness to compromise and practice high levels of participation in civic activities. What is meant by the term “apolitical self interested actor?” Inattentive, ill informed, politically intolerant &rigid, unlikey to get involved in political life. What is “rational ignorance?” The state of being uninformed about politics because of the cost in time or energy. What is meant by “non-attitudes?” What is the “miracle of aggregation?” What is the condition for it to work? Individuals make mistakes, in the aggregate the mistakes cancel out. CONDITION: only works if mistakes are at random What are “information shortcuts?” what is the condition for this to work?” Ways of inferring things you dont know from the information you do have CONDITION: only works if shortcut is accurate What are “issue publics?” What is the problem with voters who fall under this category? Voters who care about 1 issue, know a lot about it. PROBLEM: people may be extreme What is random sampling? Samples chosen in such a way that any member of the population being polled has an equal chance of be- ing selected. What is a sampling error? A number that indicates how reliable the poll is, based on the size of the sample, it tells with in what range the actual opinion of the whole population would fall. What is a sampling bias? A sample which is not chosen scientifically & has too many people in it form one portion of the popula- tion. What is political socialization? The process by which we learn political values & allegiances; they take place in family, schools, churches, neighborhoods- What is material self interest?...
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POLSCI 150 exam 2 study guide - Review Sheet What is the...

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