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THEA 241 exam 1 study guide

THEA 241 exam 1 study guide - THEA 241 Study Guide Exam 1...

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THEA 241 Study Guide Exam # 1 Spring 2011 What is theatre? Communications, building, collaboration, live, storytelling, conflict and resolu- tion, holding mirror, education, course, transfer of information, entertainment, business, collabor- ative art form, scope (Theatre of war), and etc. Paintings on cave walls – animals hunted & rituals Table is being set for Western Theatre – beginning foundations started with GKS first & RO- MANS second. Maybe the Greeks, Elizabethan Renaissance, and 20 th C. — greatest influence Homer, Thespis (first to use one actor), Aeschylus (gave us second actor), Sophocles (gave us third actor), and Euripides – this order of poets Tragedy (from the goat) - Gods, Catharsis, Flaw, Universal truths 0 actors – early Greek theatre, 1 actor – Thespis, 2 actors – Aeschylus, 3 actors – Sophocles. That was it for a while. Dionysus – God of fertility, wine, sexuality, and patron of theatre Choral odes – 50 performers all MALE – thrashing circle to religious ceremonies 534 BC Athens first dramatic festival once a year 495-420 Pericles Golden Age Amphitheatre, theatron (seeing place), orchestra (dancing circle), thymele (altar), skene (stage house), proskene (front of stage), parados (chorus entrance), eccyclema (wheeled platform), periaktos (tri turned set piece), Mechana (crane) (deus ex-GOD), cothurnus (platform shoes), di- anora (process of thought), choregus (producer), didaskolos (teacher or director), Hypocrit (lead- ing actor). Oedipus, (Laius), Creon, Tiresias, Jocasta, Messenger, Shepherd, Servant, and Chorus by Sophocles dealing with anger, pride, and fate vs. free will Oedipus solved the Riddle from Sphinx, came to rule Thebes from earlier King Laius, his father; Polybus, Merope his adopted parents from Corinth Elizabeth Heflin and Mic Matarrese read Oedipus, Oedipus and Tiresias, and Oedipus and Jocasta Video – narrator is Dionysus for first one, second one OEDIPUS REX directed by Tyrone Gu- thrie, third one directed by Andre Serban and was MEDEA in Greek and Latin (Greek language, harsh) Amphitheatres sat 15, 17, 19 T back row 75 yds away - acting declamatory, unrealistic, large gestures and in broad daylight, masks (no make-up necessary), limited scenery, 3 actors or less up on the proskene, monologues for clarity (can see who’s talking), chorus 12 to 15, with flute, Page 1 of 4
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