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Revised Study Guide 3 THEA 241

Revised Study Guide 3 THEA 241 - Theatre 241 Study Guide 3...

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Theatre 241- Study Guide 3 Centuries: -18 th Century: Enlightenment -19 th Century: Industrial Revolution -Inventions of the Industrial Revolution - The flying shuttle - The spinning jenny - The cotton gin -These inventions revolutionized the textile industry. -Manufacturing - Transportations -Steam engine -This led to working and middle class having money- demanding theatre to take them away from the cares of life. -Paved the way for modern theatre -Mercantile Powers: England and France - Slave Trade: Africa Early American Theatre: -England: -Verse -Tragedy -Comedy -Ballad Opera -Operettas -Literature -Exploration -Italy: -Opera -Commedia dell’arte -Arch -Painting - Architecture -Exploration -France: -Farce -Ballet -Exploration -American Theatre: -Immigrants from Ireland, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, Germany, Greece, Scandanavia, West In- dies, and Africa. - Puritans- MA Bay Colony 1620 -Theatre= immoral -Play= immoral -Work= moral -Actors pretend to be someone else (prostitutes and gamblers). -Lying=agent of the devil. -Bible = good. - Profit= smiled on by God - 1 st Theatre built in Williamsburg, VA 1716 1866- The Black Crook - 475 performances
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- 3200 seat Niblos Garden on Broadway - Over a million dollars. - American gave western theatre: MUSICAL o Americans loved vaudeville, burlesque, minstrel shows, juggles, animal acts, ballad operas, melodramas, and other light fare. Theatre as Profit: - Joseph Jefferson- Philadelphia – born of stage parents. - Jefferson Sr. moved to Springfield, IL – politicians – fee for theatre license o Lincoln was never charged a fee. o Laura Keene acting company – NYC Joseph Jefferson JR. got ms. Keene to do “Our American Cousin.” – Tom Taylor Ford’s Theatre- Washington DC – 1865 Abraham Lincoln Murder: - State box- 11 feet up by the dress circle (“sic semper tyrannis” box) -
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