history 3 final - HIST206 Test 3 1939-1941-Europe...

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HIST206 Test 3 1939-1941-Europe Nazi-Soviet Pact -Were going to split Poland -Hitler was going to move army to the East and take the Western half of Poland, Soviets would take Eastern half Sitzkrieg, Blitzkrieg, Battle for Britain -Sitzkrieg, German soldiers were preparing to fight -Blitzkrieg, German army concurred France -Before invading England, Hitler wanted to control the skies over the English channel -Luftwaffle vs RAF -RAF eventually won -Frustrated by the loss to Britain, Hitler attacked Stalin. Why? Because he hated the communists and only made peace pact for Poland -Stalingrad- 2 million soldiers killed. Eventually Russians got the upperhand by preventing Germans from taking over Russia and they began to push Nazis back 1939-USA A Great Debate -Debate whether or not to go to was -America First, policy of US should be to take care of our nation first and fore- most -FDR wanted US to intervene Presidential Election 1940 -FDR said in his speeches that American boys would not be sent into any foreign war -FDR began to supply British with weapons -Planned to wage war but not declare war on Germany Undeclared Naval Wars -FDR ordered our navy to track German submarines Road to Pearl Harbor 12/7/1941 -Embargo put into place against Japan Communism in US 1989-1990: Communism disintegrates and non-communist comes to power Bouis Yett- sin in USSR -Allows historians to access dosuments -Proves that there were spies in the US -Venona files -John Louis Gaddis Know We Know
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Alger Hiss -Government agent accused of being a spy -Had a high position in government in foreign policy with FDR in mid 1940s Hollywood 10 -10 actors and their families were blacklisted and denied from work because of their accused associations with the Communist Party Whittaker Chambers -was a member of the Communist party in the US and a USSR spy, but then he renounced his communist ways and testified against Hiss
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history 3 final - HIST206 Test 3 1939-1941-Europe...

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