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Max Haubold 713728538 In Class Essays 1. Organizations are beneficial for making people's lives better. We can recall that organization is “an attempts to order the intrinsic flow of human action, to channel it toward certain ends, to give it a particular shape, through generalizing and institutionalizing certain meanings and rules.” Knowing this, I believe that organizations make people's lives better for 3 reasons. With organization you can accomplish more than working alone, a loosely-coupled organization will allow for both the goal at the end but also a level of autonomy, and the simple fact that the organization would not live if it was destructive. For several reasons, you can accomplish more by working in an organization than on a project alone. We talked about Entrepreneurs, and how even they required a level of organization to meet their goals. Pulling in other people into their organization for connections, money, and skill sets is an important part of starting an entrepreneurial business. We also talked about how bringing people together in an organization helped to create connections and a set of rules, which helped improve efficiency. In both entrepreneurial ventures, and organizations made to increase efficiency, people's lives are bettered. Entrepreneurs can often provide the general public with important services that better their lives, and also increase competition to lower prices. Organizations to increase efficiency such as the government are important in saving money, and therefore benefiting the people. The people are also benefited by working in an organization. We spoke of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, with which we deduced that organizations induced members to work effectively and therefore increased motivation. This stimulus of the people in an organization is rewarding, and betters their lives. Compared to a more simple life, they receive more self actualization, and therefore are happier
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people. On a less abstract level, we also talked about how an organization could be loosely-coupled.
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Haubold_Essays - Max Haubold 713728538 In Class Essays 1....

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