midterm - Max Haubold Soci 273 Monday Midterm 1 Everyone...

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Max Haubold 10/18/2010 Soci 273- Monday Midterm 1) Everyone who is born on this planet should be granted a basic set of rights, to prevent inhumane treatment and give voice to each and every person. While this may seem fair and obvious, it is many times the case that people are taken advantage of and experience disadvantage. Human rights treaties are an attempt to legally enforce and promote the well being and fair treatment of all people, no matter their differences. 2) One country who has incorporated human rights into their constitution is Venezuela. There is a section in the Constitution of 1999 dedicated to the explicit rights of the people, in relation to human rights. The Constitution outlines that there shall be no discrimination based on race, sex, creed or social standing, and details the equality all people must be allowed. It protects the human rights of all from being shadowed and taken away by others, and provides provisions for protection from censorship of the people by the government. It provides for the right to information and speech, and protection from mistreatment and abuse. In all, the constitution touches on many of the
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midterm - Max Haubold Soci 273 Monday Midterm 1 Everyone...

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