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March 31_Social Relations

March 31_Social Relations - o Commitment intimacy =...

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March 31, 2008 Test on Wednesday Social Relations - Attraction & love o 4 big factors foster attraction 1. Proximity- physically close to them… The more you run into someone the more you like them (FAMILIARITY) 2. Physical attractiveness- more likely to do more with good looking people a. Stereotype- idea that beautiful is good… if you are beautiful it is thought to be that you are great at everything you do b. What is attractive? Varies by culture. Universally ppl like symmetrical faces & average looking. c. How you are rated is by social comparisons 3. Similarity- the more similar you are to the person, the more likely you are to like them. a. OPPOSITES DO NOT ATTRACT! b. It has a lot to do with values and beliefs 4. Reciprocity- We like ppl who like us - Steinberg’s theory of Love o There are3 different types of love and combos Passion (Infatuation) (one night stand) Intimacy (liking) feelings towards a friend Commitment (somehow committed to that person like marriage)
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Unformatted text preview: o Commitment + intimacy = companionate love (what we would like to think our parents like each other a lot but no intimacy o Passion + Liking = Romantic love (no commitment love) o Commitment + passion = Fatuous love o ALL 3 is called consummate love-Altruism – helping others without caring about ourselves o When will we help? o Who do we help? 1. Number of bystanders will influence if any of those people will be willing to help. a. The responsibility is diffused among all the other ppl 2. Pro-social role model – if one other person helps then more likely other ppl will also want to help 3. Time pressure – less likely to help if you’re running late 4. Feelings – good vs bad. Only true for adults 1. Gender – men are more likely to help women But women don’t pick by gender 2. Asking 3. Similarity – more likely to help ppl similar to us...
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March 31_Social Relations - o Commitment intimacy =...

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