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Programming project Due date: Monday, April 26, 2010 Instructions : Each student is required to complete a programming project, including a written report and a computer simulation of the dynamics of a particle-system and/or rigid-body mechanism. The programming project will be completed in groups, nominally consisting of three members, assigned by the instructor. Each group will submit electronically a single copy of the project code in .nb (Mathematica) format. Individual reports documenting the project will be required of each student separately and shall be submitted electronically in .pdf format. The written report should be entirely the student's own work and will be pledged as such. Functionality The soft outcome of the programming project should be a Mathematica-based package for the derivation, simula- tion, and animation of simple multibody mechanisms consisting of particles and rigid bodies. In particular, this should be coded in such a way that a user should not have to know anything about Lagrangian mechanics, but should have a fundamental understanding of dynamics from an introductory sophomore-level class. In particular, it is assumed that the user is familiar with concepts of cartesian coordinates and Euler angles as well as with the notions of mass and the moment of inertia matrix. Any computations involving the formulation of constraints, the kinetic and potential energies, or the Lagrange operator formalism should be hidden to the user and contained within the set of procedures that you will write. As an example, a possible formulation of the package could based on the following set of commands: ² DeclareParticles . This function takes as arguments a list of lists, where each sublist is a pair of expres-
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