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cs141_f11_hw3_sol - CS141 Assignment#3 Computer Science 141...

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CS141 Assignment #3 Computer Science 141 Weekly Assignment #3 You may hand in your solution via email ([email protected]) or in person before Wednesday’s lecture starts. 1 Problems (50 total points) Please show your work in your solutions. If you need any help, please contact the TFs with questions or meeting requests at [email protected] or post questions at Piazza. 1. (10 points) Complete the timing diagram and explain the function of the circuit in diagram below. Assume that the propagation delay of an AND gate is t AND and of an inverter – t INV = t AND . A Y A Y T INV 4 T INV This circuit delays the change in signal A . It is useful in complex circuitry, where various components have various delays, to e.g. level out the delay throughout the circuit. 2. (10 points) Design a circuit that has two data inputs ( A and B ) and three control inputs ( C 0 , C 1 and C 2 ). The circuit should implement the function F specified in the functional truth table below. Please give the boolean equation for F and show how to implement this function using a programmable logic array (PLA) with 5 inputs( C 0 ,C 1 ,C 2 ,A,B ) and 1 output. Draw the AND and OR array, and indicate which connections must be made to implement the function using the shorthand PLA notation. Minimize your design. Compo- nents of this type find wide application in microprocessor datapaths. 1
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CS141 Assignment #3 C0 C1 C2 F Comments 0 0 0 1 always 1 0 0 1 A + B OR 0 1 0 ( AB ) NAND 0 1 1 A B XOR 1 0 0 ( A B ) XNOR 1 0 1 AB AND 1 1 0 ( A + B ) NOR 1 1 1 0 always 0
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