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waters of hydration 3 - Date a 2 2 G 0" Namem Section...

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Unformatted text preview: Date a / 2 2 G 0" Namem Section EL Determination of the Waters of Hydration Data Sheet/ Lab Report Cont. Answer the following questions in complete sentences when applicable. Sketch the lab burner, identifying major parts; air control vent, burner tube, gas control valve, and gas inlet. Sketch a properly adjusted cool flame and hot flame with colors noted. [1/ )----L{I§hd' Ell/1‘ / T‘ffinjlm {Tat-I‘l— a 1' N... f if, ti'réwlezt-xlf’ 3/2)} Eng/5&4“ flit/5 05/» l7 M / When drying a hydrate, if heating cycles are stopped before the sample reaches a constant mass will the calculated waters of hydration be too high, too low, or not effected? Explain. j/flfj/llbb W I": ’l’)‘; LitfdfC/lz. l.) 1464" 11644124; 'filV 1:5th May-fly jog-11‘ -' He Malena? Lufimhm twat} began at. thrqf—a- Ohio 445*— ha» I? Hilfiwer zl’kera «an 9th“ he wwl‘m <st (Halal-1:41 (a K S‘a‘h’flfp / During flame heating of the hydrate, loss due to spattering can cause a serious error. If a significant amount of sample is lost, will the calculated waters of hydration be too high or too low? Explain. Too high, Maw J/la, 17W Lars/twat hydfsh-a 6?“ Criteria—Ml} Saab onc (that alga/farm: amt.“ ml! ha. vfie S ‘Z’lll‘WO/J AYJrcl‘Q, 1* w: Saar"! (L164 493/9. Cum mark Lam/lm/Sal: fld'fif’l‘mt Ill’Ir-m 'l’lwre. {Tad-71 Ur)? PAH Rev 3—9 ...
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