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intro to lab 4 - 10 mL Graduated Cylinder Mass of water...

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Unformatted text preview: 10 mL Graduated Cylinder Mass of water Mass of dry, empty, beaker 9'0. G77 7 q 8 0 C? Mass of beaker and water M 7 j 3 Temperature of water 2 Hi C Actual volume of water (from mass and density) , V? H $567 V’- 3 V were; v: C? 3:35‘6 hL Density ofwaterflé/g’c‘ Attempted volume of water ’0 "1 9L Percent difference from attempted volume i - '0, l LlLl I 427 35%;: -~/ g 3/ _Owj Mb 0,00 __ 0 0 mL Graduated Cyljnder Mass of water Mass of beaker and wa Temperature of water Actual volume of water (f m mass and density) b Percent diffe : (:6 from attempted volume Density of water Attempted volume of water ...
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