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qualitative analysis 1 - DateiML‘ 0K6 NW M{A Qualitative...

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Unformatted text preview: DateiML‘ 0K6 NW M {A Qualitative Analysis Lab Report Identification of urflmown Number 25 5 r H z_ 60?ch w) Mfafi Name and Formula m 50 ' {*4— 16041 Summfl of tests Provide a one paragraph summary of the imp paragraph should discuss the observations explanations of the observations. ortant test results that led to the conclusions. The summary made, and to the extent that the test descriptions allow, ’I w‘5 “LIL L9 oL-HSCWLJ' flAl‘f (Jakarta-«JV? flun' ””1 “’n /"‘\ \JJRS Saki-1' Lecmfe VH1 {£59J+5 9/ W \InkraouJ-r-y MA UUL1 Slm-JM (a ii: mui‘ {ch+, k5"? [figul‘l‘f +0 ‘anji- 9; JAN gaff kaq T “14:01 W «95d? TL”; was a \n ‘1. (PI C {L‘GJ— OLA (“d— ,okltS'So I“: ‘ BB'HA k5+§ «’53 we r a . [fifthiL—‘Li in NR MAM “250:1 was molditoi. 1— V”; “MC 1.1 AISCGUU A‘” fit (0%‘94 UP Wt? \Jnk new“) 2-1» 44 \J‘je‘s (on LCC‘WS‘L 3‘4"": .+ ”\‘7 dr‘ifinuwm k t’flu g t les'i‘ {€5“l+5. Whm “VLF: leg ‘l'CS‘i‘ was fern] %% 'HW'L anlcmaww ‘i' fi‘fl (QM—1+ (AM-Li Q Llano} c «J ("6 a C (16/ (15+ VJas fon ...
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