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enthalopy of reaction 2 - Determinatioii'of the-Enghalpy of...

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Unformatted text preview: Determinatioii'of the-Enghalpy of a Reaction an application of Hess’s Law Data Sheet cont. Enthalpy of Reaction of Solid Sodium Hydroxide and Hydrochloric Acid. NaOI—Ls) + HEM) + Cl‘taq) 9 H200) + NEW + Clam!) AH3 =? Triall T151312 Volume ofwater "19¢ ”L 159 ML $532331ng W "L 15.0 M, 55:33:43ng 2; o w L .3 o c A MW M £1 . w 1 I s, 22. 5‘? 0C Initial solution 0 temperature El'i ElSl t 21.2‘1”C Mmdmum solution t‘ a temperature "555% 3? - "1 C Trial 3 QS-UFL Fo.0ml’ 3§J m L .Cl‘Zla"73 ZL‘LZDC ...
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