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enthalopy of reaction 1 - Date Illl‘lloci Determination...

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Unformatted text preview: Date Illl‘lloci Determination of the Enthalpy of a Reaction an application of Hess’s Law Data Sheet Enthalgy of Dissociation of Sodium HydroxideJNaOH [email protected] 9 NEW + OH‘W AH1 2? Volume of water Mass of solid sodium hydroxide Initial solution temperature Maximum solution temperature Enthal of Reaction ofA ueous Sodium H droxide and H drochloric Acid. q) + OH'W + H+(aq) + Cl’w 9 H200) + Nalw + Cl'w AH2 =P Na? a Molarity NaOH l' " 5 3 7 HCl Initial buret reading HCl Final buret reading NaOH Initial buret reading NaOH Final buret reading Initial solution temperature Maximum solution temperature Trial 1 FOJML .. ‘1“! lb .1 11.4 C 25. '53} a c Trial 2 5-9rDmL 1.0 5.77 I fl 21.17% tb-SL” C Molarity HCl L- ““5 Trial 1V€Ulfl Willi/elf Trial? [(0 WWW dew/Vials ‘in ml. 0. 0 m L Z‘i-fi «L 19:: a1. Lid) ML (3. Dun-.1. Z‘immL 7,4. OWL airlift awn": 23.%t t 1gs13”L Trial 3 liomL ...
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