DAP - vi Importance of Diet Analysis Project b Overall Diet...

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Robert E Goode 0451848 Thomas Edison College Spring Semester The Science of Nutrition OL010 Diet Analysis Project (919) 620-0127 [email protected] Diet Analysis Project Outline I. Record Diet and Exercise a. Record all food consumed b. Record all exercising activity c. Compare calorie intake with energy expenditure d. Compare food intake with food pyramid recommendations II. Analysis a. Assessment Activities i. Quantity Intake vs. Expenditure of Energy ii. Food Groups b. Research Support III. Summary and Action Plan a. Introduction i. Availability of Food ii. Price of Food iii. Frequency of meals iv. Flexibility of food selection v. Importance of nutrition
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Unformatted text preview: vi. Importance of Diet Analysis Project b. Overall Diet Pattern c. Overall Eating Pattern d. Healthfulness of Diet e. Adequacy i. Energy ii. Protein iii. Vitamins iv. Minerals v. Fiber f. Moderation i. Saturated Fat ii. Sodium iii. Sugar iv. Cholesteral v. Protein g. Balance i. Proportion ii. Distribution h. Variety i. Action Plan i. Specific food or food groups ii. Supplements iii. Cardiovascular disease risk j. Summary k. Appendices i. Actual Intake vs. Recommended Intake report ii. My food list iii. Food Pyramid report iv. Energy balance report...
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DAP - vi Importance of Diet Analysis Project b Overall Diet...

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