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TWA9 - Even when spaces were available patrons chose to...

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Robert E Goode Technical Writing ENG-201-OL011 Spring Semester 0451848 Thomas Edison State College Writing Assignment #9 Activity 13.6 Memo To: Professor Brenda Moore From: Robert E Goode
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Date: 11/16/2011 Re: Observation Report: Parking Problems at Walmart Observation The parking problems at Wal-Mart are a dire situation. Walmart was running its annual end of winter promotion and several customers were expected. Walmart opened at 9am, and by 10am the parking lot was full, yet the store was not even at 50% capacity. This indicates that there is not adequate parking to support the total area of the store. A total of 75 customers were observed pulling into the Wal-Mart parking lot, but abruptly leaving due to the inability to find a parking space. Further complicating matters, Wal-Mart has 15 spaces reserved as handicapped parking yet a total number of 3 handicapped parking spaces were being occupied at the same time. In addition to the limited number of spaces there are not a sufficient amount of entrances and exits into the Walmart parking lot.
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Unformatted text preview: Even when spaces were available patrons chose to park across the street and it was clearly due to limited entrances and exits. Conclusion The parking lot at Wal-Mart does not meet the needs of the store. The parking lot is extremely small and revenue is lost due to the inability of customers to find parking spaces. Also customers prefer the convenience of being able to park their cars knowing that they will be able to leave the area without any traffic. Recommendations The building across the street has been vacant for about 6 months. The previous tenant Circuit City had much success as the building is spacious and has a parking lot 5 times the area that Wal-Mart currently has. It is my recommendation that Wal-Mart change building locations as they will have access to a sufficiently sized parking lot as well as 3 entrances and 4 exits. This move will alleviate the parking issues ailing Wal-Mart as well as increase revenue and patrons that would otherwise shop at rival locations...
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TWA9 - Even when spaces were available patrons chose to...

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