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TWA11 - Robert E Goode Technical Writing ENG-201-OL011...

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Robert E Goode Technical Writing ENG-201-OL011 Spring Semester 0451848 Thomas Edison State College Writing Assignment #11 Writing Assignment 15.5 A. What is your overall reaction to the memo? Would you be inclined to change your actions? Explain your answer.
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Hevard Johnson s attempting to address several issues he has observed throughout the company, but he is doing it in a demeaning manner. His words are meant to lower one’s self esteem, and he is not solving the problems, but is exasperating them. For example, the phrase “checkered past” is usually reserved for individuals that have has run ins with the law, yet he uses this phrase to describe the history of the employees that work at the company. This rhetoric will not induce change. If I was an employee working at this company receiving a letter like this would make me become more defiant, therefore I feel this letter might have the adverse effect. B. State your reactions to phrases in the introduction such as “your mamas
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