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Endocrine System Notes

Endocrine System Notes - ENDOCRINE SYSTEM Overview Works...

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ENDOCRINE SYSTEM Overview: Works with the nervous system to coordinate and regulate the body Regulates growth, development and body chemistry Hormones: Secreted by cells and that act to regulate the activity of other cells Release by endocrine glands Work by binding receptors outside/inside a cell Each hormone molecule has a shape that fits only certain receptors Cells reacts when hormones bind to their receptors Endocrine System VS. Nervous System: Reaction - Nervous system reacts instantly but is ephemeral - Endocrine system reacts slowly but has a longer-lasting effect Messengers and Signals - Nerves and chemical messengers carry signals in the nervous system and only affect certain parts of the body - Only hormones carry signals for the endocrine system Location - Chemical messengers in the nervous system work at gaps between nerve cells - Carried by blood, hormones spread all over the body and affect many organs Diabetes: Type 1 -
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