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Immune System Notes

Immune System Notes - White Blood Cells • Leukemia is a...

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IMMUNE SYSTEM Overview: The immune system defends the body against disease The cells of the immune system move around the body in the fluids of the circulatory and lymphatic system The Lymphatic System: The lymphatic system is a network of vessels that pick up fluid called lymph, that leaks through blood vessels and fills the spaces around the body’s cells Lymph is a clear, yellowish fluid that is made up of water, nutrients and WBCs Lymph nodes a re small bean shaped masses that can be found along the lymphatic vessels Lymph nodes hold many lymphocytes, which are WBCs that destroy bacteria, viruses, and dead or damaged cells Tonsils are masses of lymph tissue found in the throat The spleen serves as a filtering station for blood particles that should not be there Bone Marrow is the main place where blood cells form
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Unformatted text preview: White Blood Cells: • Leukemia is a cancer if the tissue that makes WBCs does not function • WBCs main job I to defend the body against disease • 5 Types of WBCs-Neutrophils Engulf and destroy bacteria and release enzymes that kill bacteria-Monocytes Engulf and digest damaged body cells and disease-causing agents-Eosinophils Attach to parasites and release substances to kill them-Basophils Function in an allergic reaction, releasing histamine-Lymphocytes Attack and destroys particles that carry antigens B cells develop into anti-body-forming plasma cells T cells attack cells that have been infected by a virus • Antigens-Coating of the cell and virus that has in indentifying proteins • Antibodies-Proteins the immune system makes in response to specific antigens...
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