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Muscular System Notes - • Joints that move contain a very...

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MUSCULAR SYSTEM Overview: Responsible for: - Running - Eating - Breathing - Digesting food - Pumping blood Also helps protect joints and creates heat to keep body warm Muscles are made of special cells called muscle fibers. Three types of muscle tissue in the body - Skeletal muscle Type you can move voluntarily - Smooth muscle Involuntary movements of the eyelids, internal organs and blood vessel - Cardiac muscle Found only in the walls of the heart Skeletal muscles move the body by pulling on bones. They are connected to bones by tendons. Ligaments, which are tough bands of tissue, hold the bones together at joints. Tendons are cords of connective tissue that attach muscles to bones.
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Unformatted text preview: • Joints that move contain a very slipper liquid called synovial fluid. • Pods of cartilage keep bones glide smoothly across one another. • Not all joints move, they are called fixed joints. • Semi-movable joints allow a small amount of movement (between most of the vertebrae) • Hinge joint can bend only back and forth (elbows and knees) • Ball and socket joint give free rotation in any movement (hips and shoulders) • Pivot joint allow your head to rotate right and left, also in elbows • Ellipsoidal joint move all ways except in rotation (wrist and ankles)...
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