Muscular System Review - _____________ are cords of...

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MUSCULAR SYSTEM Overview: Responsible for: - _____________ - _____________ - _____________ - _____________ - _____________ Also helps protect _____________ and creates _____________ to keep body _____________ Muscles are made of special cells called _____________. Three types of muscle tissue in the body - _____________ muscle Type you can move voluntarily - _____________ muscle Involuntary movements of the _____________, internal organs and blood vessel - _____________ muscle Found only in the _____________ of the heart _____________ muscles move the body by pulling on bones. They are connected to bones by _____________. _____________, which are tough bands of tissue, hold the bones together at _____________.
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Unformatted text preview: _____________ are cords of connective tissue that attach muscles to bones. Joints that move contain a very slipper liquid called _____________ fluid. Pods of _____________ keep bones glide smoothly across one another. Not all joints move, they are called _____________ joints. _____________ joints allow a small amount of movement (between most of the vertebrae) _____________ joint can bend only back and forth (elbows and knees) _____________ joint give free rotation in any movement (_____________ and shoulders) _____________ joint allow your head to rotate right and left, also in _____________ _____________ joint move all ways except in rotation (wrist and ankles)...
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Muscular System Review - _____________ are cords of...

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