Harrigan Econ 3720 Fall 2011 Syllabus

Harrigan Econ 3720 Fall 2011 Syllabus - University of...

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1 University of Virginia Fall Semester 2011 Economics 3720 Econometrics: the theory and practice of economic data analysis Lecture Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30-1:45 and 2:00-3:15pm Monroe Hall 130 Instructor Professor James Harrigan, [email protected] http://people.virginia.edu/~jh4xd/ Monroe Hall Room 215 Office Hours Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-5:00pm and by appointment. Teaching Assistants Andriy Blokhin, [email protected] Tianshu Li, [email protected] Meifang Wang, [email protected] Prerequisites A very good understanding of basic statistics (such as Stat 2120, 3120, or Econ 3710) and multivariate calculus (such as Math 1220 or 1320) will be assumed. If you hated and/or did poorly at intro statistics, you will probably hate and/or do poorly in Econ 3720, and should not be an Econ major. You may not take intro statistics or multivariate calculus concurrently with Econ 3720. Economics 2010 and 2020 are also highly recommended. Introduction This course is an introduction to econometrics, which is the theory and practice of analyzing economic data. Topics include statistical theory, measurement, and applications. Theoretical discussions and problems will be connected to analysis of real data. At the end of the course successful students will be qualified to understand and conduct simple economic data analysis in the real world.
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2 Required book and software book Introduction to Econometrics, 3rd Edition, by James H. Stock and Mark W. Watson, http://wps.aw.com/aw_stock_ie_3/ Copies of the 3rd edition are available at the bookstore and online. If you purchase a used copy of the 2nd edition you will be responsible for making sure that you are aware of any discrepancies in page numbers, content, assignments, etc between the 2nd and 3rd editions. You may also buy the e- book version of the 3rd Edition at this link, http://www.pearsonhighered.com/educator/product/Introduction-to- Econometrics-CourseSmart-eTextbook/9780136123682.page software Stata / IC 12 . You should purchase the six month license for $65,
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Harrigan Econ 3720 Fall 2011 Syllabus - University of...

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