March 24_Sex

March 24_Sex - SEXUAL BEHAVIOR-Kinsey o 1948 studied male...

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March 24, 2008 Sex Development Germinal Period- last the first 2 weeks of pregnancy… we are called ZYGOTE - Being one fertilized egg to multiple cells (umbilical cord) Embryonic Period- 3 rd week to 8 th week… we are called EMBRYO - Cells specialize, develop organs, also arms legs and so on - Teratogen- anything that can cause birth defects (smoking, alcohol, not enough nutrients, falling, hot water, caffeine, radiation, cocaine, weed) o Cause the most damage in critical periods (foundation) when each system begins to develop Fetal Period - Foundation is set - When everything continues to grow - Known as the FETUS - Sex organs don’t develop until week seven - All start of as females then in week 7, develop Primary and Secondary Sex Characteristics 1. What we are born with (penis or vagina) 2. Puberty (pubic hair, breast development) 3. Primary are directly involved in reproduction 4. Secondary are not necessary for reproduction SEX Vs. GENDER Sex- physical characteristics of a person Gender- psychological characteristics (masculine or feminine). Influenced by biology and environment. More estrogen you have more feminine you are.
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Unformatted text preview: SEXUAL BEHAVIOR-Kinsey o 1948 studied male sexual behavior o 1953 studied female sexual behavior In the 50s he made ppl answer these surveys verbally The outcry of these surveys were horrendous o 1990 Janus report was a follow up to the Kinsey report -Masters & Johnson o 1957- interested in what happened to our bodies during masturbation or sex (prostitutes) Sexual Response cycle- no matter what kind of sex it is its the same Excitement 1 minute to several hours Plateau all that happens during excitement phase continues Orgasm shortest phase, occurs for a few seconds, rhythmic pulses Resolution body returning back to normal state, men have the refractory period, men cant have another erection for a few minutes to a few hours SEXUAL ORIENTATION Sexual preference -Heterosexual-Homosexual-Bisexual o Nature vs. Nurture o Kinseys Theory- similar to gender. Most ppl are somewhere in the middle (Bisexual)...
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March 24_Sex - SEXUAL BEHAVIOR-Kinsey o 1948 studied male...

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