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Important Marxist Idea: Intense belief in the unfairness and Exploitation Of Capitalism. Emphasis on Labor over Scarcity of Marketing. Desire for Revolution. Dialectical materialism( class Conflict + materialist perspective) Important Terms Labor- doing work. Production making things. Commodity-something people create Commodity fetishism: they forget that people make these commodities. Bourgeoisie: Modern capitalist, they control things, they are “the Haves.” Proletariate: they are the lower class. They only have their labor to sell. They will always be tied to the Bourgeoisie. Base: things made people who make the things, where the things are. Superstructure the things that exist because of the material world, example: religion, ethics, and literature. They reflect on the false.
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Unformatted text preview: Ideology: poor reflection of the material work. Quotes from Texts Materialism: life is not determined by consciousness (768) Two Classes : Bourgeois and proletarians (769) Exploitation/ objectification (765,767) Bourgeois control of production (771) Applications to literature Marxist theory can be a tool for examining how a text reflects the culture that produced it, especially if we want to talk about how the author depicts labor concerns (economy, workers rights, providing for families, etc.) Marxist theory can be used to talk about how an author or a work responds to the problems of capitalism- whether the text seems to be complicit with capitalist thought or in opposition to it....
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