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De Saussure - • The “Linear nature of Signifier” –...

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De Saussure & Structuralism Terms : sign basic use of literature, example word, o It’s a combination of a signifier(sound –image)+ signified (concept). o Sign tree= “tree”+ concept of tree- ness o Relationship between signifier, and signified. Is totally arbitrary. o Relationship between signified and actual thing is also arbitrary. Language has meaning primarily as negative comparison, very few positive elements. o Using the negative to define the language. Example defines a dog. This would be hard but by using the negative by saying what a dog is not you give a better definition.
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Unformatted text preview: • The “Linear nature of Signifier” – 966 • Connections to Structuralism movement. • Differentiating between speech and language. o Language is the system itself, way words are allowed to happen • Signification and value o Signal other words, value is determine by negation or association. • syntagmatic versus associative language. • Symbols are important. • Operates differently from a word. THEORIES TO REVIEW AESTHETICISM NEW CRITICISM Historical Criticisms. Freudian psychoanalysis Marxism Structuralism....
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