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Notes on Elliot and Bloom

Notes on Elliot and Bloom - Writers misread because they...

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Notes on Elliot and Bloom Both very concerned about context. New critics are far more concerned about the work at hand. Classicists like early literature and believe that older works are somewhat superior to modern works. Historical critics, Both are interested in literary canons. Elliot: A good writer should be aware of the traditions. Emotions should not be your only basis for writing poetry. Bloom: Writers are influence by previous writers.
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Unformatted text preview: Writers misread because they want to do something new, and therefore get it wrong. Criticism is the arts of knowing the hidden roads that go from poem to poem. Historical criticism is finding the connections between different poetry. How influence got filtered through a writer. • Ode to a Nightingale-poet dies but art lives on • Sailing to Byzantium-poet also dies, but art is more artificial. • Of mere being-...
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