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CHEM 1111 General Chemistry I Laboratory Professors Sections Sandhya Gavva, Ph.D 103, 105, 111, 114, 115, 119, 603 Warren Goux, Ph.D 106, 107, 113, 117, 120, 122, 605 Steven Nielsen, Ph.D 110, 112, 604 Yanping Qin, Ph.D 101, 108, 116, 118, 121, 606 Amandeep K. Sra, PhD 123, 124, 125, 126, 127 Claudia Taenzler, Ph.D 104, 602 Jie Zheng, Ph.D 102, 109 Term Fall 2011 Meetings Workshops: SLC(MSET) 2.202, 2.203, and 3.102 Professors’ Contact Information Phones Office Email Addresses Office Hours Dr. Gavva 972-883-2279 SLC 3.501 [email protected] W 3.00 PM Dr. Goux 972-883-2660 BE 3.510 [email protected] W 11.00 AM Dr. Nielsen 972-883-5323 BE 2.516 [email protected] W 12.00 PM Dr. Qin 972-883-6027 BE 3.516 [email protected] T 3.00 PM Dr. Sra 972-883-6027 BE 3.516 [email protected] T 10.00 AM Dr. Taenzler 972-883-4686 SLC 3.505 [email protected] R 10.00 AM Dr. Zheng 972-883-5768 RL 2.412 [email protected] T 1.00 PM General Course Information Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, & other restrictions One year of High School Chemistry. No Audits allowed. Course Description These courses reinforce the concepts of Freshman Chemistry in the lab via experiments. Students are offered the opportunity to acquire basic laboratory skills and an appreciation for the presence of chemistry in daily living. The experiments are designed to demonstrate concepts including properties of inorganic substances, principles of structure and bonding, and elementary quantitative analysis. Expected Leaning Outcomes Students should be able to: 1. Be able to explain the importance of Lab Safety 2. Be able to collect and organize data in written laboratory reports 3. Know how to measure mass and volume of chemicals 4. Know how to separate a mixture 5. Learn the technique of titration Required Texts & Materials Laboratory Manual for General Chemistry laboratory I (CHEM 1111) ISBN: 9781121288386 Z-87 rated Safety Glasses or Goggles A Composition Notebook and a Calculator Supplemental Texts, Readings, Students are financially responsible for items checked out of the stockroom Other course materials may be recommended or required Tutors: See the Chem. Dept. AA (BE 2.312) for an updated list of tutors Interactive DVD-ROMs covering general chemistry are available via the CSA 1
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Class Attendance It is typical for the enrollments of all CHEM 1111 sections to be at a maximum (set by the Fire Marshall’s regulations for the SLC laboratories). If you are enrolled in one Section, you can not attend another Section. It is typical for the laboratory activities to utilize the entire 180 minutes of class time such that one can not simultaneously enroll in other classes whose meeting days and times conflict with those of CHEM 1112. No cell phones or computers are allowed in the chemistry laboratories. If you
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CHEM_1111_Syllabus_Fall_2011%282%29 - CHEM 1111 General...

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