AHST 10.04.11 - ~Last Judgement, 1536-1541, Michelangelo...

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~Last Judgement, 1536-1541, Michelangelo -in the Sistine Chapel -Jesus in middle, Mary and blessed people on the right, damned on the left -souls are naked, and all heavily muscled -commissioned by Pope Paul III, and he also had Michelangelo working on the new St. Peter’s church -48 ft high , did it with no pay -was also working on: 10.04.11 ~Pieta, 1550’s-1564, Michelangelo -brought back to Florence for Michelangelo’s tomb, unfinished
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-the old man standing over Jesus is supposedly Nicodemus of Joseph who helped take Jesus down from cross, but it is a self portrait of himself at an older age -in the Duomo Museum ~St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican, Rome, Italy -been there since Constantine’s time, but it was barren -Pope Paul III commissioned Michelangelo to work on this church -believed to be the sight of St. Peter’s tomb, so it’s a very holy place -Bramante does a plan in 1506 and Michelangelo did a plan in 1546 -the final St. Peter’s is a Latin cross design, not a Greek cross design -dome on St. Peter’s was designed by Michelangelo, tallest dome in Italy 452 ft.
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AHST 10.04.11 - ~Last Judgement, 1536-1541, Michelangelo...

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