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Unformatted text preview: Genesis Hernandez Women Studies 130 Thought Piece 2: "Exploitation in the Labor of Love" Harriet Fraad applies an economist viewpoint on love and its role in our society. One of the first thing she explores if how the emotional input from service works is directly correlated to how a consumer connects with a product or service. She gives the examples of restaurants that cater to the wealthy versus fast food diners. At a restaurant that caters to the wealthy, the workers there are more emotionally invested than workers at McDonald's. But even at places like McDonald's, the workers there are still expected to be polite and engaging with their customers. I hope to one day work as some sort of doctor, and I find it rather irksome that there is a huge expectation that I will be emotionally invested in each and every one of the patients I come across. That's not to say that I would not care about the well being of my patients, why would I pursue such a career if I didn't care about people, but, honestly, patients should be more concerned with my...
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