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Would you trust data obtained by these means?  For example, if a  drug was designed using "gamers" would you be willing to take it  to treat your ailment?  (150-200 words) The science community oftentimes hits a dead end in research  and needs new minds to look at the same problem with a different  viewpoint. Letting gamers try to design structures of different  proteins is definitely an innovative way of problem solving. While  the gamers' contribution is undeniable, it's one thing to design a  structure, and whole other thing to make a drug that is going to  treat perhaps hundred of thousands of citizens. I do find it 
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Unformatted text preview: amazing that a video game can help make advancements in the science community, but I would not put too much faith in it, unless of course, the data underwent additional testing. On one hand, using a drug designed by "gamers" sounds like a risky choice to make. However, I think I would be willing to use the drug if, and only if, it had been tested by actual scientists. Who it was designed by would not really bother me as long as the drug had gone through various tests and was approved for medical use....
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