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HW1 - Derive this same result directly by calculating the...

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Physics 214 Summer 1993 Assignment #1 (due Friday, July 2) 1. 13-47. In (d), assume the wave travels in the +x direction and that there is a crest at the point x = +0.20 m at t = 0. (Changes the answer!) 2. 13-67. Hint: what causes the tension? 3. 13-68. Add: (d) Why must all three waves have the same w? (Note that they do not all have the same k.) (e) Check your expressions in three special cases: m R = m L , m R <<m L , and m R >>m L . (m L and m R are the mass densities on the left and right sides.) In each case, your expression should reduce to something you already knew! 4. 13-56. Repeat the problem for y 1 (x,t)=0.08 sin (kx-wt-p/3). (y 2 and y 3 are unchanged.) 5. Section 13.4 derives the instantaneous power transported by a harmonic wave (eq. 13-14).
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Unformatted text preview: Derive this same result directly by calculating the rate at which the transverse force component F y does work on the next string element, which is moving with velocity v y . 6. A wave of frequency 500 Hz has a velocity of 350 m/s. (a) How far apart are two points 60° out of phase? (b) What is the difference in phase at a certain point at times 1.0 ms apart? 7. 13-40. Change: the string is fixed at both ends. Add: (e) what is the fundamental frequency? APPROXIMATE LECTURE SYLLABUS Chapter Lectures Topic 13 6/28-7/1 Waves in 1 dimension 14 7/2-7/8 Waves in 3 dimensions 29 7/9-7/13 EM waves 30-32 7/15-7/21 Geometric optics 33 7/22-7/27 Wave optics 35-36 7/29-8/6 Modern physics...
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