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Physics 214 Summer 1993 Next week's lab: Experiment #4 (Microwaves) Assignment #2 (due Tuesday, July 6) 1. Consider the nth normal mode of a string of length L and mass density µ fixed at both ends. The mode amplitude is A. Find the total energy of the string in this mode. 2. Consider the interference of a sine wave with a cosine wave: y1 = A1 cos (kx - wt) y2 = A2 sin (kx - wt) y = y1 + y2 = A cos (kx - wt + d) Find A and d in terms of A1 and A2. 3. Two stereo loudspeakers are separated by a distance of 2.0 m.
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Unformatted text preview: Assume the amplitude of the sound from each speaker is approximately the same at the position of a listener, who is 3.75 m directly in front of one of the speakers. (a) For what frequencies in the audible range (20 Hz to 20 kHz) will the listener hear a minimum sound? (b) For what frequencies will the listener hear a maximum? 4. 14-33. 5. 14-54 Add: (d) Sketch the standing wave patterns and give the frequencies of the first four modes of the pipe....
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