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Physics 214 Summer 1993 This week's lab will be a computer simulation. BRING YOUR LAB MANUAL as well as the handout. We will use a ray-tracing program to investigate refraction in prisms and various properties of lenses. You may wish to read ahead in Tipler; sections 4 and 5 in ch. 31 would be particularly useful. Assignment #5 (due Friday, July 16) 1. 29-47. 2. 30-29. 3. 30-37. Also write the intensity as a function of q transmitted by each of the polarizers, given that the incident intensity is I 0 . 4. 30-50. 5. 30-52. 6. 30-54. In (b), first calculate the displacement in the general case (in term of q, n,
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Unformatted text preview: and t). Then substitute the numerical values. 7. An electromagnetic wave has the form E ( r ,t) = î E sin (kz - wt) + j E cos (kz - wt) where î and j are unit vectors in the x and y directions. (a) Show that the direction of the electric field rotates in the xy-plane. (This is circularly polarized light.) (b) What is the intensity of this EM wave? (c) Write an equation for the magnetic field of this wave as a function of position and time ( i.e. B ( r ,t))....
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