Psychology Lecture Nov 7

Psychology Lecture Nov 7 - PSY November 7 Study marijuana...

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Unformatted text preview: PSY November 7 Study marijuana Lmx 357/358 check marks tomorrow E. influences on drug use E.1 biological influences Seems to be a genetic component.. If you choose to take a drug, you may be genetically vulnerable to the effects of it Adoption, more similar to their biological parents even though they may have never meet them Twin, identical more similar than faternal genes. CREB, low, tend to consume 50% more alcohol. AGS3 connected to, addiction to heroin. CYO2A6, plays protective role, less likely to smoke and be addicted if they do. NPY, chemical released by neurons, low level tend to have high levels of alcohol consumption. Type of drug used, some are more addictive to oth. Cocain, nicotine is highly addictive Age, under 25 are the most vulnerable. Teen has 43% chance of being a addicted. Adult, 10% Gender, don't know if it's biological. Twice as many men addicted to drugs then women Genes are not destiny! Gene vulnerablitiy does not = inevitability E.2 psychological and cultural influences Major transitions Culture, their ideas on drugs and alcohol Community, what community do you belong to, does it have drugs and guns sold in public or one with community centre. Do you feel you belong? Mental illness, highly depressed or anxious = higher risk Loneliness, low self esteem Gender?, Peers, highly influencal....
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Psychology Lecture Nov 7 - PSY November 7 Study marijuana...

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